Here are some projects outside of my research to which I’ve contributed:


12.340x Global Warming Science is a massively online open course (MOOC) offered by MIT through the edX platform. With faculty instructors from the Program in Oceans, Atmospheres, and Climate, 12.340x is intended to be an undergraduate-level exploration of the physics and chemistry of the climate system, and their relation to our current understanding of climate change. In 2014, I prepared the inaugural offering of this course by developing problem sets and exams, constructing the course itself within the edX platform, and fielding questions from students.

Graduate Climate Conference

The Graduate Climate Conference is an international climate science conference organized entirely by and for graduate students. As a member of the executive committee for the conferences hosted by MIT and WHOI in 2013 and 2015, I was responsible for reviewing abstracts, chairing a session, organizing logistics, and creating the website.

The Tech

Since 2008, I have written weather forecasts as a staff meteorologist for The Tech, MIT’s student-run newspaper.


I’m a proud member of MIT’s WxChallenge intercollegiate weather forecasting team, having won 7 individual awards and contributed to 10 consecutive top-5 annual finishes for the MIT team. See here for my experimental statistical tools for forecasting temperature and precipitation.

Baseball toolBOX

Coming soon…